Do I Need Business Auto Insurance

Stephen QuistDo you own a business? If you answered yes to this question, in all likelihood your business has an exposure for a potential automobile claim. Now many of you out there are thinking, the business doesn’t own any vehicles, so how can I be exposed. Do you ever go to the bank, pick up supplies at the stores, or stop at a customer’s home? For that matter do you or your employees ever drive a vehicle for any work related reasons at all? If you do, and there is an accident your business is exposed. In the event of a bad accident, you can guarantee attorneys will get involved, and those attorneys will find out that the accident occurred in the course of a business related activity. If that occurs they will not hesitate to go after what they feel is the deeper pockets, and that would be your business. If you didn’t carry business auto insurance, this loss would be coming out of the business’s pocket.
Luckily, there is a solution to this; carrying a business auto policy. Even if your business does not own a vehicle they can get business auto coverage. Even more surprising, depending on your business this coverage could be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars a year. All you need to do is give your agent a call and find out. Still not sure if you need business automobile insurance, or maybe you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered properly, give Mangold Insurance a call and ask for Stephen, I will be more than happy to review your coverage and exposures with you.

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