Do you have a rodent issue?

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While mice can move into a home at any time, most people see an increase in activity during October, November and December. Mice and other rodents such as shrews, voles and chipmunks lose many of their hiding places when the nights turn colder and the vegetation thins out. The best way to keep rodents out of your home is by sealing up the exterior with foam, caulk or steel wool. A pest control company like Schopen Pest Solutions can provide this service. Exterior baiting by your pest control provider can also reduce the overall numbers around your home thereby reducing the chances of an occasional invader working its way into your dwelling.

How can you tell if you have a rodent issue? 1) The number one sign is the actual sighting of a mouse. 2) You can also listen for scratching sounds in your walls or on your ceiling . . . especially at night. 3) Mouse droppings are another excellent indication that you have rodents. Check behind your stove, in your attic and behind your sleeper sofa. 4) Bags or containers of food that have been gnawed are another give away that you have mice. 5) Look for Box Elder Bug wings. Mice love eating box elder bugs but they rarely eat the wings.

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