How many of you got into the Fitbit craze? I was going to write about the different challenges you can do and what a thrill it is to get invited to one! How you stop, drop what you’re doing and pull out 25 jumping jacks or run in place for 5 minutes to beat a competitor or obtain your goal for the day, but I think I saw something like that on face book, so I decided to write about how it can track your sleep!

Our brother-in-law told me and my husband that his Fitbit could track his sleep. It does an average of sleep, restless minutes and “awake” times. In our household our dog (and our son when he comes home from college) gets the most sleep. My husband and I argue on who is next and also who gets the best quality of sleep. We thought getting this type of Fitbit that could monitor our sleep pattern every night would be great and finally put to bed (no pun intended) this old age argument.

We both got the Charge HR and couldn’t wait to wear this thing to bed. The first week I logged an average of 6 hrs. 53 minutes of sleep. The 2nd week average is 5 hrs. 14 minutes and since then I average around 5 hrs. 30 minutes. My husband’s average is slightly more than mine at 7 hrs.

Needless to say, we agreed to agree that our dog and son get the most sleep in our household!