FAQ’s February

Q:  Why do I need to carry auto insurance when others don’t?

A:  In 2010 a law went into effect for WI to mandate every licensed driver carry car insurance. However, 75% of accidents involve someone with no insurance or minimum limits. Having your own car insurance can help save you from financial ruin.

Q:  Do I need car rental insurance?

A:  This debate has been going on forever! You would have the same coverage you have on your personal auto policy, but there are grey areas of a rental agreement that are not covered by the personal auto policy.  These things are like “Loss of Use/Down Time” or Diminished Value”. Some insurance carriers provide this coverage automatically and some you need to purchase separately. Best to check with your agent or carrier.

Q:  Are ice dams covered under my homeowner’s policy?

A:  Yes. Freezing is a covered peril.

Q:  Do I need separate coverage for my engagement/wedding ring or firearms under my homeowner’s policy?

A:  There is limited coverage for theft of jewelry and firearms and if a claim is filed, your homeowner’s deductible would apply. If you were to purchase separate coverage, you can choose a lower or $0 deductible and it would be paid out on an agreed value basis. This is always the best way so you can get the money it’s appraised/valued at and purchase your own new item.

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