Healthcare Decisions

Anything to do with healthcare seems to be a hot topic and for good reason. Individuals and families are seeing changes every year with deductibles, providers, carriers who are dropping plans and increasing costs!  And it doesn’t get any easier when you’re about to go on Medicare.

Medicare members also see changes in Medicare Deductibles, options such as Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans and Prescription Drug plans. They start getting information a couple of years before they even turn 65. You’re inundated with TV commercials, radio ads, mailers and don’t forget your friends input! How do you know you’re picking the right plan?

If you can remember this one piece of advice when choosing your healthcare plan, you will not be disappointed in the decisions you make.

“When considering your options, the choices you make should be customized to fit your own healthcare and financial needs.  What your friend or family member has will not be the best option for you because their plan has been customized for their needs”.

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