SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Time for Backyard Chickens to roam

Spring is a time of renewal and a time of rebirth. My favorite time of year is watching the buds on the trees, flowers getting ready to bloom, and baby birds.

My birds are chickens. I do also have a Canary but for this article he doesn’t count. I have been at Mangold Insurance for about a year now and I have had the chicken speech with every single person here. However, I have not converted one person here to be a back yard flock owner but I am going to keep trying.

Last year was my son, Lucien’s first year showing chickens at the fair. Its was exciting to see is face as he won a ribbon or 5. He actually won a Grand Champion trophy for this little bird in his picture.

Currently I have flock of 15. I use these chickens for eggs. We have eggs that are colors of the rainbow-green, blue, brown and white. They are also fun to watch! They do have their own personalities, and yes there is a pecking order! These girls do show a little sass from time to time!!

I like having my own birds because knowing what they eat and where they roam gives me a good feeling of self-sustainability. Raising chickens is very easy and doesn’t take up a huge amount of time or money.

Keeping the coop clean and letting them free range from time to time is about as hard as it gets. They love eating our left over bits such as carrot tops and celery bottoms. Oh and they are a big fan of Greek Yogurt!

Check with your local ordinances to see if you can have your own flock. My son and I go to the Fur & Feather swap the first Saturday in April every year to get new layers. If anyone is interested in learning on what it takes to get started raising chickens just give me a call at extension 111.

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